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10 Reasons You Need a Love Seat


Love seats are often overshadowed by their larger and more popular cousins, the sofa and the couch. However, if you’re looking to up your seating game with some quality furniture, a love seat might be the right option for you! You’ll be surprised at how comfortable they can be and how versatile they can be in different living spaces – not to mention all of the reasons why they are so great! Take a look at our list of reasons you need a love seat below!

Reason #1: Smaller, more versatile seating options

The truth is, not every living room is big enough for that loveseat that looks good in your favorite furniture store’s display window. Or maybe you like to change up your decor frequently—and can’t stand how hard it is to find new places for large pieces of furniture (you know, like when it takes forever just to move a sofa from one side of your living room to another). When all you need is a couple seats, why not look into love seats? Many are smaller than traditional sofas and chairs, which make them more space-efficient and versatile. In short: If you want that perfect little seating option but don’t have room for anything else bigger than an accent chair or ottoman, get yourself some love seats!

Reason #2: Even if you don’t need it now, you will eventually

A love seat is incredibly versatile. While some furniture serves specific purposes, love seats are designed to serve multiple uses in a small amount of space. For example, if you don’t have a second seat in your living room, it might seem like there’s no point in getting a love seat; but if you find yourself entertaining more frequently or need extra seating at holiday dinners, your love seat will be ready and waiting for its moment to shine. If you have kids or pets and want to minimize potential damage during playtime—as well as make sure everyone has enough room—consider purchasing an armless version instead of settling for one with arms that can get ripped off too easily by those with an affinity for toys and fur.

Reason #3: More space-efficient than two sofas in the long run

The love seat has become a classic piece of furniture; it is often seen in Victorian or French inspired decors, but could fit into modern homes with ease. No matter what your décor, love seats offer an air of romance and whimsy that is often missing from living room layouts. Adding one to your living room will give you an extra seating option, as well as provide you with more flexibility in terms of decorating. Couples can lounge on a love seat next to their partner’s favorite chair or sofa without dominating the entire sitting area. If your guests are particularly large or tall, they might appreciate having somewhere to sit that’s actually comfortable for them! Many couples who have purchased love seats enjoy using them for cosy nights in watching television together.

Reason #4: Cozier than having lots of separate chairs

A love seat is more likely to encourage conversation. Rather than having two people facing forward in separate chairs, you’ll have them cuddled up on a love seat. This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to make small talk with someone you haven’t had much experience conversing with—your words and actions will be less awkward because you won’t feel like you have to maintain eye contact or keep distance from your neighbor. Instead, it will feel like two friends chatting on your couch… or even better!

Reason #5: More room for guests

Who doesn’t want more room for guests? With a love seat, you can give your visitors an option for sitting that lets them be part of your space. It also gives you some more room to move around when there’s not just one chair in front of your sofa! Like I said before, it’s small and it’s got two seats. Meaning you can give your guests options. Options make people happy, and who doesn’t want their guests to be happy?

Reason #6: Just as functional as any other sofa or chair, with added personality

Love seats add to your home’s ambiance and personality. Unlike other pieces of furniture, they are meant to be used just as frequently as you would a normal sofa or chair. These extra uses mean additional wear and tear on your love seat, so it’s important to have it professionally cleaned by an experienced upholstery cleaning company. Keep in mind that if you’re going for comfort, look no further than an ultra plush love seat like those at Mark Bader Upholstery in Saint Louis. Our custom-made design process ensures that all of our sofa and love seat models are comfortable enough for you to use any time, whether you want one strictly for lounging or need additional seating during parties and events!

Reason #7: Easier to find, since they come in just about every color and fabric imaginable

Imagine you are in Macy’s looking for love seats and settle on one that perfectly matches your living room décor. Happy at last, you take it to register and head home. The next day when you return with your spouse, though, it turns out that love seat is no longer there! Sales associates weren’t sure why; perhaps another customer liked it so much that they ordered it right off of your hands. But imagine if all furniture shopping worked like that! You wouldn’t have to spend all those hours trying to find something perfect.

Reason #8: The perfect place to curl up with a good book (or each other)

Everyone needs time to themselves and while we’re all lucky to have someone that makes us happy, it’s important to have a space where you can just be alone. Whether you’re reading your favorite book or enjoying some me time, it will come in handy when you need some peace and quiet. And don’t worry—your significant other should have their own love seat as well. It could also serve as an extra seat if your guests decide to stop by!

Reason #9: A great spot for extra storage underneath

If you’re living in a tiny apartment, every inch of space is precious. Since your love seat won’t be used for lounging and snuggling during most of your day, you can keep stuff under there when it isn’t being used. Try some easy DIY storage by cutting out an area in one of those cushions to store items like blankets or towels that are always needed in another room. If your love seat has enough padding, even winter jackets can be kept there until they’re needed. With some creative thinking, you can turn any room with a love seat into an extra closet!

Reason #10: Outfits designed specifically for love seats can be stylish and super affordable

After all, it’s not as if you need to worry about matching head-to-toe! All you really need is something sexy and super soft. If you’re looking for something fun and flirty that won’t break your budget, try cami sets from Rue21. These comfy pieces come in lots of colors and patterns (like lace-up halter tops with miniskirts) for just $15 each! And with coupons for additional savings, it’s easy to grab multiple cami sets on sale and mix and match them into multiple looks.


A love seat is an essential part of any home, so if you’re thinking about adding one to your home, we hope these reasons help persuade you. For example, you can use it as extra seating when you have guests over and can also use it to cuddle with your partner. Whether it’s for relaxing, sleeping or watching TV; we hope that at least one of these reasons will make you want to go out and buy yourself a new love seat.

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