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The 5 Types of Indoor Recliners

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Are you looking to replace the old recliner in your home? If so, you’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer number of recliners available to choose from. In fact, there are so many options that it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, there are only five main types of indoor recliners that you need to worry about when making your purchase decision. This guide will teach you the basics of each type and help you find the one that’s right for your needs and budget.

What Are the Benefits of an Indoor Recliner?

Most people think that comfort and relaxation are synonymous with indoor recliners. While it’s true that an indoor recliner offers a level of comfort you won’t find anywhere else, there are plenty of other benefits, too. When you own an indoor recliner, you don’t have to worry about inclement weather or other factors like sun exposure impacting your comfort. Instead, you can rest easy knowing that your recliner will always provide a comfortable experience. If you want to make sure you have access to incredible convenience and a high level of relaxation in one convenient location, consider investing in an indoor recliner today!

1) Sleeper Chairs

If you’re looking for a more subtle recliner for your living room, sleeper chairs are a great option. Sleeper chairs are designed to convert from seating to beds. They usually have a softer back and can be larger than traditional recliners so that they double as sleeping areas. Some even have USB ports and other modern conveniences built in to give them an upscale feel and look.

2) Rocker Recliners

Rocker recliners usually have 2 to 3 reclining positions, one of which is a rocking position. The main benefit to a rocker recliner is its versatility. You can relax in a sitting position, or you can lean back and take it easy in a more upright and relaxed manner. Rocker recliners are great for reading or watching TV, especially if your room doesn’t have too much leg room! With all that rocking motion going on however, they may not be as suitable for nap time! If you plan on sleeping in your chair, go with another style.

3) Lift Chairs

The first, and most accessible type of indoor recliner is a lift chair. As their name suggests, these chairs are built with a motor to help users lift them from a sitting position to an upright position. Some models also come with massage mechanisms that can alleviate soreness or discomfort in certain parts of your body. If you’re looking for maximum comfort with minimum upkeep, lift chairs are among the best indoor recliners on the market today.

4) Zero Gravity

The zero gravity chair is an ideal seating option for those looking to relax and decompress. This chair features a fully adjustable backrest that can be set at nearly any angle, allowing you to achieve a fully horizontal position that allows you to relax completely. Zero gravity chairs are also great options for people with lower back pain as they allow your spine to maintain its natural alignment while sitting. When choosing between different models, be sure to determine how wide you want your chair, as well as how much weight capacity it has. Zero gravity chairs are typically designed for one person only and only have a 250-pound capacity, so consider these factors before buying your zero gravity recliner.

5) All-in-one chairs

All-in-one Chairs: Another good option if you want to stay away from traditional recliners is an all-in-one chair. These chairs are typically made up of two separate pieces – a chair and a chaise lounge – that can be pushed together to form one piece. They’re generally big, soft and comfy, but they can take up more space than sleeper chairs and other types. Plus, they don’t convert into beds like sleeper chairs do. If you want something bigger than both a sleeper chair and an all-in-one, there are also reclining couches available for purchase that convert into sleeping areas for overnight guests or families with children who need somewhere to sleep when visiting.


There are a few main types of indoor recliners. In addition to that, there are certain features and variations you can look into when purchasing an indoor recliner. If you’re looking for something specific, it is wise to consider all of your options so that you don’t miss out on one that would really suit your needs. Hopefully, now that you have some information on what different types of indoor recliners are available on today’s market, you will be able to make a more informed decision about what type suits your needs best. Take these tips with you and take a closer look at them before making your decision!

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